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Diana Watson 唐華瑄
International Professional Speaker


Cross-Cultural Trainer 

About Diana &

Her Book

Diana started her public speaking journey as a big mouth American kid with a love of languages and an interest in exploring the world. Diana was able to use her gift of gab and her love of other cultures by becoming an ESL teacher where she taught in the US, Indonesia and in Taiwan. Eleven years ago fate would have it that she would discover Toastmasters. And since then, she has refined her natural speaking talent and leadership skills while earning four national champion awards, the proudest her Mandarin humorous speech contest award in November 2017. This spring Diana published the first book about foreign language public speaking called The Speaking Seed  and started a consulting business with the same name. Diana currently lives in Taiwan and spends most of her time encouraging more people to become 'Speaking Seeds' or build their confidence in foreign language public speaking. 








Inspirational Speaker

Dynamic & Interactive Workshops

Diana has an amazing ability to inspire her audience to do something that most people hate to do today - put down their smartphones. She shares some her most emotional and embarrassing stories to encourage her audiences that living your dreams is about taking chances, being different and showing up. Diana provides inspirational speeches on getting others to develop the confidence to become 'Speaking Seeds', people who aspire to deliver speeches in foreign languages.

An almost 20-year veteran teacher from preschool to 70 year-old students, she has experience customizing her workshops and trainings to engage all kinds of audiences.

Transformational Coach

Diana has helped numerous people win national speaking competitions. Her ability to motivate and transform speakers into confident Speaking Seeds have helped many achieve their public speaking dreams.


If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart. -Nelson Mandela


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